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Understanding Clickbank Demographics

If you want to sell Clickbank Internet Marketing products, first you need to study what other people are doing... for not doing that at all.

Clickbank sellers are building wordpress blogs reviewing products, offering bonus and free donwloads everywhere, trying to dominate Google pages. Problem is people are leaving Google migrating to social networks.

Ok, then we are going to offer IM Clickbank products in Facebook using pay advertising. Wow, great move for the white hat marketers. The problem is your dumb buying customers are not there. Your friend's girlfriend is using Facebook, and she know nothing about internet marketing, and she doesn't need to know, because she is cute, and never will buy and Internet Marketing product from you, me, Clickbank, except if Prince Williams offer it to her.

Selling Internet Marketing products is easy, you only have to parasite on what others are doing. You need to know where they gather and start hunting them.

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lunes, 7 de junio de 2010

Facebook autolike click jacking code

Common footprints Facebook incorporate the use of to hunt down autolike script users

In the FB force autolike script there are some weak points Facebook engineers can exploit to hunt lower script end users. In fact, just about every script leaves behind footprints we incorporate the use of to track down and locate people. Every coder has a particular design when he writes scripts. FB can use these holes to make the code useless.

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Facebook force autolike script

Right here could be the renowned force I like code we mention in a very earlier post. The code can be a clone of our Youtube subscriber code adapted to Facebook platform. When a visitor of the website click in any portion of one's site the code activate and post an update towards visitor’s Myspace wall, If the person click the code once more the update is eliminated.

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Facebook Clickjacking. Hijacking clicks about the Net employing Facebook’s I love button

A brand new Facebook.com social-engineering attack/distribution vector is generating the rounds nowadays. Less than twelve hours immediately after its inception, more than 100,000 FB customers have currently fallen victim to this invasion. It will not appear to deliver any malicious payload yet, and may possibly be a “test” of the Facebook-based assault vector. The invasion takes advantage of the Myspace “Like” plugin.

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Clickjacking Vulnerabilities on Favorite Sites

Net framing attacks this kind of as clickjacking use iframes to hijack a user’s net session. One of the most frequent defense, known as frame busting, prevents a web page from working when loaded within a frame. We exploration body busting practices for the Alexa Top-500 internet sites and present that all could be circumvented, in one particular way or one more. Some circumventions are browser certain whilst others perform across browsers. We conclude with recommendations for appropriate body busting.

Frame busting refers to code or annotation provided by a world-wide-web web site intended to prevent the net page from getting loaded in a very sub-frame. Body busting may be the proposed defense against clickjacking and can also be needed to safe picture structured authentication such as the Sign-in Seal utilised by Yahoo.

Sign-in Seal displays a user selected graphic that authenticates the Yahoo! login web page towards the user. Without having body busting, the login page may very well be opened inside a subframe to ensure the appropriate image is displayed to the person, even although the best page isn't the authentic Yahoo login site. New advancements in clickjacking techniques utilizing drag-and-drop to extract and inject data into frames additional demonstrate the significance of protected frame busting.

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domingo, 4 de abril de 2010

Creating Facebook viral marketing campaigns with FaceWizard

Creating A Viral Marketing Campaign Reaching Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Within Minutes Has Never Been So Easy With This Software !

FaceWizard is a marketers dream, It combines all the tedious and time consuming jobs of marketing on facebook and bundles them all up a slick 'ready to run' automated marketing tool.

There is NO other tool on the market that can do what FaceWizard does, it is a 'one of a kind' software that will literally catapult your marketing campaigns to another level and beyond overnight.

Have you ever seen those fans pages that seem to gain 10,20,30 thousand new fans every few hours and wonder how they can possibly be growing so fast? Well FaceWizard is the answer.... With FaceWizard you will also now have the ability to create these massively profitable viral pages with little more than the click of a button.

Not only will you be able to create hugely successful fans pages but you will also be able to quickly build and manage an army of friends over a multitude of accounts with FaceWizards powerful 'targeted' friend adding and account maintenance capabilities.

Adding just 10 - 20 friends per day over 1000 facebook accounts and also using FaceWizards 'commenting' feature to comment on 'status updates' (a great way to get people to add you), will soon have you literally hundreds of thousands of friends all under your control.

Once you have these friends you can now use FaceWizard to invite them all to your freshly created fans page causing a viral effect, comment on status updates, change your accounts status, accept incoming friend requests and a whole lot more.... all of which means BIG $$$.




Lets take a look at some of FaceWizards features in more detail:


- Friend Finder allows you to scrape the members i.ds from a fans page and save them into a file for use with the'Friend Adder ' function.

Scraping friends in this manner allows you to target people that are already interested in the niche you are marketing to giving you a huge advantage and boosting your profits to a whole new level !

- Friend Adder - Invite friends from your 'Friend Finder'
list to your accounts (Supports tags).

Invite friends from your 'Friend Finder' list to your facebook accounts. Set the 'min' and 'max' number of friends you want to add per day to each account and FaceWizard will do the rest.

Fully supports the {tag} functions to make the message look real and unique and includes a 'name' tag which allows you to personalise your message giving a much higher acceptance rate.

- 'Suggest to friends' feature - suggest your fans page to all of your accounts friends.

Automatically get all your accounts to join a specific fans page and then 'suggest' the fans page to every one of your friends causing a very quick 'mass viral' effect.

- Comment on fan pages status updates (Supports tags)
- This feature can be used in 2 ways.

1. Comment on your own fans page status updates with multiple accounts thus making your updates very popular with facebook which in turn makes them show it on your fans homepage
more giving massive traffic.

2. Comment on other fans page status updates and use it to gain friends. In some niches such as farmville etc simply posting 'add me' on a fans page status update can gain you thousands of new friends in a matter of hours.

Note: This
function will only comment on the newest status update of any
fans page.

- Make Status Updates on all your accounts
(Supports tags). Making status updates on your accounts is essential to make the account look real and can also be used as a marketing tool to your friends.

This function has full tag support which means you can create unique status updates for each account.

- Automatically click the 'like' button on your fans page wall updates.

Using multiple accounts it is extremely easy to make you status update look very popular which in turn make facebook show it on your fans homepage giving massive traffic

Use this in conjunction with the 'Commenter'
feature and make your status updates the most popular on facebook.


Maintenance Section

The maintenance section of FaceWizard has quite a few features that are extremely useful in maintaining you facebook account and performing general functions within each account.


- Automatically accept or reject any incoming friend requests (Maintenance section).

Logs into all accounts and accepts or rejects any incoming friend requests.

An essential feature when using multiple accounts is the ability to accept or reject all incoming friend requests at the click of a button

- Automatically remove 'pending' friend requests
(Maintenance section).

Logs into all accounts and removes all pending friend requests.

Another essential feature is the ability to remove all pending friend requests thus keeping your accounts clean and stopping build up of requests which could raise a red flag with facebook.

- Delete all inbox message
(Maintenance section).

Allows you to delete all your inbox messages to prevent your inbox getting clogged up with messages and generally keeping you accounts
clean and tidy.

- Remove all pending requests
(Maintenance section).

Allows you to remove all pending requests on your account such as fans page invites etc etc, again keeping your accounts clean, under control and making them look like they are being used in a normal manner.


Tools - Options Section

- Proxy Support Full http proxy support essential when using multiple accounts to avoid 'linking' of accounts via ip.

With FaceWizard each account is assigned its own proxy so when logging into your accounts the same one will be used every time thus avoiding the security questions that you get when logging in with
multiple ips.

- Multi threaded Allows multithreads for faster running of tasks. Time is money in this game so the last thing you want is to be waiting for a single thread to finish its work. Multi threads get the job done 10 times faster thus making you money faster.

- Integrates with Decaptcha. At around $2 per 1000 captchas how can you be without this feature? Allows total hands free running of FaceWizard with every function.

- Timer Function.
All FaceWizards functions can be set with a delay timer which allows you to spread out the tasks to random intervals making them appear realistic.

- Automatically inputs D.O.B if prompted

If Facebook ask for your accounts D.O.B as a security measure, FaceWizard will automatically enter the details provided you have loaded you accounts into FaceWizard with there D.O.B.

- Log Window
Allows you to see what tasks FaceWizard  is performing in real time.





Tag support (How does it work):

If you are new to marketing you may not know what this is but it actually very simple. It allows you to send the same message but 'spin' it into different variations.

So as an example you might want to send them this: Hi Tony, how's it going? and using the tags function you would enter the message like this.

{Hi|Hello|How are you|Hey|} {Name} {hows it going?|How are you?|Are you

Then the message would be sent using a random tag from each section like

- Hello Tony how are you

- Hey Tony how's it going?

- How are you Tony are you ok?

This clever function allows you to randomize your message invites and comments thus making it very hard for facebook to detect.


How to get 'Targeted' friends fast using FaceWizard:

Both of these options will get you adding friends quickly to your accounts, we suggest using a combination of both to make your accounts behaviour look normal.

Option 1. Find yourself a fans page that is the same niche as you are trying to target and use the 'Friend Finder' function to scrape the members i.ds.

Set FaceWizards 'Friend Adder' function running daily with multiple accounts (Use with caution especially on newer accounts), we suggest adding 6-8 people per day to start with until you account has aged for a while then you can increase the number as your account becomes more

Option 2. Use multiple accounts to post on popular fans pages status updates using the 'Commenter' feature.

Simply posting 'add me' on popular pages such as farmville and mafia wars can get you literally thousands of fans overnight and the good part is as they are requesting to be your friend facebook cannot penalise you for sending out too many friend requests.

You can then accept all the incoming friend requests automatically with FaceWizard.

How to make sure your fans page status updates are actually seen by your fans:

Facebook have implemented a new algorithm that means your status updates are only actually seen in your fans 'news feed' if they are actually getting a lot of 'likes' and 'comments', if they are not getting these then they don't show up and your fans page is basically useless.

With FaceWizard you can get around this by using it to click on the 'like' button and post 'comments' to your own status updates thus making 100% sure it is seen as a popular post by facebook and making them show it in your fans news feeds, as with all FaceWizards functions you can set a random time delay to each 'like' and 'comment' making them seem totally genuine.

How do I make my fans page go viral?

Making your fans page go viral is in fact very easy, there are basically 2 elements to having a successful fans page, the first is of course the 'idea', you need to think of whats going to appeal to the masses... celebrity news stories, t.v shows, amazing pictures, any popular gossip, all of these things along with countless others have the potential to go viral.

The second step is to simply invite as many friends as you can to the fans page within its first few hours, the more you invite the more chance you have of making it a viral sensation. Once you get the ball rolling with this first blast of invites more often than not the viral effect starts to snowball and the fans simply come pouring in faster and faster.

How many computers can I run facewizard on?

1 FaceWizard licence will allow you to run FaceWizard on 1 computer only.



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Cookie stuffing affiliate programs with short life cookies

Well, you will say, that's easy, I did that cookie stuffing forums with affiliate links for the last 100 days. Hmm, well this short living cookies affiliate programs has some problems for the cookie stuffer.

When you cross the $ 2.000 affiliate earning in top notch affiliate networks,  some LED lights turn on in affiliate manager's control panel. Why this happened. Because normal average affiliate is earning less than $ 500 promoting their programs. When the lights turn on they start controlling your traffics and conversions
The 24-hour cookie is a great invention from Amazon engineers. EPN is breaking their heads struggling cookie stuffers with their 7 days live cookies and Skype are bitching Commission Junction about the same matter with their 30 to 45-day cookies. Many cookie stuffers stop playing with Amazon for the short life cookie.

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How you can reduce cookie stuffing actions.

In black hat cookie stuffing routines, there are three subjects hurt. In the very first spot is available the product owner which can be paying incorrect commissions towards human being that deploy the illegal cookie. Often the percent of non legitimate commission rice to in excess of 34% with the total commissions paid.

In 2nd spot occurs the Affiliate marketer Multilevel, which build interrelations in between affiliates and merchants. Cookie stuffing is a massive dilemma to the multilevel. The affiliate marketer community may be the 1 responsible to recruit and approve these affiliates that should promote the merchandise or service in the vendor.

If the network approves and signs into the product owner internet marketer routine black hat affiliates that deploy unrequested cookies then the merchant will get rid of dollars. From the occupations of this cookie stuffers, the service provider will pay an average of 20% % of total commissions to affiliates that committed fraud. This will damage the credibility in the affiliate marketer circle in a massive fashion. It can be common to discover articles within the web saying marketer networks profit from online cookie stuffing. The truth is, they might advantage at initial states, but when this felony is identified they suffer in their reliability. And credibility can be a key asset in this kind of organization.

When a cookie stuffing attack is found out the service provider blame the marketer circle about its deficiency of controls, overpaying commissions, and in most instances the relation ends. Is often a truth the networks must screen and approve affiliates, but also boost codes and scripts so that you can prevent cookie stuffing activities.

The other part that suffers from these pursuits is a white hat affiliate who promotes the merchant services utilizing the affiliate multi-level platform. In direct relation usual affiliates drop commissions when black hat affiliates steal their cookies or position cookies in their internet sites or forums. The last ones, the forums, are bombarded everyday with deceitful affiliates placing codes to set unsolicited cookies. When this happened the loyal internet marketer finds out that his commissions are declining without apparent motive. As time pass without understanding that a cookie stuffing code was inserted in his web page (blog or forum), he will alter to yet another affiliate plan or search for better paying advertising. The problem arose when he discovers the cookie stuffing code. Then he demands answers from the affiliate multi-level.

Two stuff will take place right here, or the online statement this occurrence to the online multi-level, or commence to explore to locate additional about cookie stuffing, and ultimately joined the black hat crowd. In both instances will be the online circle that looses.

2nd comes social websites like open up blogs (blogger, term press, reside journal) and community internet sites (Myspace, bebo, Facebook) where anyone can sign, upload content and cookie stuff. The usual approach to cookie stuff these websites are with image and flash base cookies stuffing scripts.

On average the reaction on the white hat affiliate marketer, online community and merchant are as well late. They find out what occurred when commissions decreased (affiliate side), targeted visitors and commissions rise (affiliate network) or when commissions paid are also large with no normal causes (merchants).

Well then. How can cookie stuffing be prevented?
What can the white hat affiliate, the affiliate circle and the business do about it?

They must available their eyes and understand that you can find simple remedies to the cookie stuffing issues. In fact, they have to know the new methods cookies stuffers are applying to earn cash. Affiliate marketer networks could use the identical techniques cookies stuffers are employing to stop this activity and make these fraudulent methods useless.

sábado, 9 de enero de 2010

Video tutorial on how to create an image cookie stuffing script

Video tutorial on how to create an image cookie stuffing script using php and a ssl certificate. If you need help or don't understand the script, join us at Cookie stuffing tips

miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2009

The AdBrite Cookie Stuffing Method - Earn thousands per week

Many merchants and affiliate networks use cookies to track affiliates sales when visitors buy products or services from the affiliates web sites. Cookie stuff is the ability to insert this tracking cookie in a user computer without the need of a click in the affiliate link.

There is a method called The Adbrite Cookie Stuffing Method, discover and design by Index, a known black hat guru, that allows an affiliate to drop millions of this cookies, using the Adbrite platform. With this cookie stuffing method you could select and target any niche with high precision, earning thousands of dollars in days.

Taking the right precautions the affiliate network will never know what is happening. Searching Google you'll find many websites and blogs offering cookie stuffing scripts, and techniques. Most of the are outdate. The others are so complicated that usually you get caught by affiliate managers in a matter of days.

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