miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

Understanding Clickbank Demographics

If you want to sell Clickbank Internet Marketing products, first you need to study what other people are doing... for not doing that at all.

Clickbank sellers are building wordpress blogs reviewing products, offering bonus and free donwloads everywhere, trying to dominate Google pages. Problem is people are leaving Google migrating to social networks.

Ok, then we are going to offer IM Clickbank products in Facebook using pay advertising. Wow, great move for the white hat marketers. The problem is your dumb buying customers are not there. Your friend's girlfriend is using Facebook, and she know nothing about internet marketing, and she doesn't need to know, because she is cute, and never will buy and Internet Marketing product from you, me, Clickbank, except if Prince Williams offer it to her.

Selling Internet Marketing products is easy, you only have to parasite on what others are doing. You need to know where they gather and start hunting them.

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