sábado, 20 de marzo de 2010

Cookie stuffing affiliate programs with short life cookies

Well, you will say, that's easy, I did that cookie stuffing forums with affiliate links for the last 100 days. Hmm, well this short living cookies affiliate programs has some problems for the cookie stuffer.

When you cross the $ 2.000 affiliate earning in top notch affiliate networks,  some LED lights turn on in affiliate manager's control panel. Why this happened. Because normal average affiliate is earning less than $ 500 promoting their programs. When the lights turn on they start controlling your traffics and conversions
The 24-hour cookie is a great invention from Amazon engineers. EPN is breaking their heads struggling cookie stuffers with their 7 days live cookies and Skype are bitching Commission Junction about the same matter with their 30 to 45-day cookies. Many cookie stuffers stop playing with Amazon for the short life cookie.

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